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Syngenta is looking for Farm Manager. Almería


Crop Maintenace Lead. Farm Manager

Role purpose

Leads a BO crop maintenance unit and related activities to ensure crop quality, delivery activity on time within budget.


• Resource planning, people management and development,

• Implement transformation of footprint and capabilities

• Business partner for Breeding & Technologies

• Execute capacity planning, and crop maintenance management

• Quality process owner, monitor progress against KPIs agreed with partners

• Work organization to support Breeding and Technologies according to weekly demand

• Farm manager, crop protection specialist, fertirrigation specialist are further specialized technical roles

• May also lead secondary units within territory

• Budget delivery



• Technical knowledge: breeding (nurseries), seed production or processing or related expertise area

• Leadership: confirmed 1st level leader; ability to manage and communicate with multiple stakeholders

Critical Knowledge:

• Expertise knowledge and understanding of agronomy and crop management for vegetables, plant production in GH / Open Field

• Team organization

• Responsible for budge, resources, personal management and development

• Ensure accomplishment of HSE policy in his team

• HSE knowledge


Critical Skills:

• Ability to manage and communicate with multiple stakeholders

• Fluent in English and Spanish• Expertise in relevant area

• Ability to manage and communicate with multiple stakeholders

• People management skills

• Good sense of economics of new processes and products

• Resilience

• Creative & Innovative thinker

• Leadership

Critical Experience:

University Diploma/ Experience in crop managementPrimary Location: ESP-Almeria-El Ejido

Work Locations: ESC Autov�a E15 Km 417,5 El Ejido E-04700

Job: Biological Assessment

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Acerca del Autor

Ana Rubio

Fotógrafa agrícola y redactora en joseantonioarcos.es

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    soy un ingeniero agrícola, especializo en producción y mejora genética de plantas me ha interesado esa oferta de SYNGENTA. quiero saber si esta vigente hasta la fecha de hoy 23 de marzo 2017, para poder depositar mi candidatura.


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